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Quotes Not only does Shira have tons of ideas, she has tremendous insight into the nuances of every situation. I came away from an hour-long meeting with a year's worth of ideas and approaches to put into action. Quotes
Josh Botwinick
Budding Youth Director

Quotes We are community in Aspen Hill, MD trying to create for the first time a systematic program for our youth - Shira was just the right person to infuse our process with high energy, great ideas, and terrific curricula! We are so thankful!! Everyone would be so blessed to have her on their side! Quotes
Uri Topolosky

Quotes We had the amazing opportunity to host Shira Berkovits for our Youth Leadership Training Shabbaton in September 2012. Not only did we (the youth directors) learn so much from Shira's workshops but our youth leaders gained so much from them and had a fantastic experience. They learned hands-on skills for making groups on Shabbat more structured, organized, meaningful and fun! It was a wonderful way to kick-off our youth program for the year. In addition to leading ice-breakers and workshops over the Shabbat, Shira helped us prepare for the Shabbat itself by providing phone consultations as well as providing us with verbal and written feedback about our program after Shabbat. Shira is creative, full of ideas and passionate about teaching. We highly recommend her services to any youth department who is looking to advance and improve their program in any way. Quotes
Rabbi Jensen, Dr. Mike and Zehava Atlas
Youth Directors at Great Neck Synagogue

Quotes Shira gave a presentation for staff at the International Charter School in order to discuss the importance of reporting child abuse and neglect, as well as signs to look for, what to expect following the reporting process, and a plethora of important, yet often unknown facts about child abuse. Shira presented the material clearly and with a purposeful order while simultaneously keeping staff engaged and interested. I am so appreciative of her presentation both for the information itself, but also for her strength in stressing the importance of talking about these issues that are so often not discussed and therefore not understood. Quotes
Annie Harris-Kornblith
Social Worker, International Charter School of New York

Quotes Our shul had the honor of hosting Dr. Shira Berkovits in September 2014. Shira's visit was fantastic on so many levels. With her innovative training, she was a great source of support to our youth director and youth staff. Additionally, through her lectures, she inspired our members and created a great buzz for the youth department! Quotes
Jay Weinstein
Rabbi, Young Israel of East Brunswick

Quotes We had the opportunity both to consult with Shira over the phone as well as host her at our shul in Downtown Baltimore. Shira was incredibly supportive and helpful in offering her tremendous wealth of resources, information, and guidance in creating family programming and tot shabbat! Quotes
Rabbi Etan & Tammy Mintz
B'nai Israel Congregation

Quotes Shira started a tot-shabbat for us here at Einstein. She designed the whole program, gearing it to the age group of our kids and creating an amazing, exciting, interactive, experience. Shira took tot-shabbat from an idea to a wonderful, dynamic, weekly parent-child experience, which has become an essential Shabbat tradition here at Einstein. She introduced creative songs and games, allowing parents and kids to really experience the tefillah together! Quotes
E. Berko, Youth Group Coordinator
Birkat Shmuel, at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Quotes I want to thank Shira for her insight and assistance regarding my 8 year old son. He was having difficulties with his youth teacher and Shira provided a great consultation on how best to deal with the situation. My son and teacher have a better understanding of each other and the year is running smoothly - I have Shira to thank for that. Quotes
R. Greene
Satisfied Mom

Quotes Shira's advice and expertise has been invaluable in growing the success of our youth department and its array of meaningful programming. Quotes
Gila Ross, Youth Director
Congregation Schara Tzedek, Vancouver, Canada

Quotes As Youth Director at the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates, I invited Shira to lead a staff training shabbaton. When we met to plan the event, it became clear to me how Shira's ideas were both innovative and practical. Our staff benefited from a diverse range of sessions aimed at enriching their tools as leaders, using creativity in a group setting, and working together effectively. It was one of the more memorable events of the year; something that we pointed to as an important moment for the unity of the staff. After moving to Riverdale, my wife and I jumped at the opportunity to work with Shira once again, this time teaching in a group together. Shira created a pilot program to bring adults into the group experience, drafting more professional lesson plans and acting as models for the teenage leaders. We've taken many ideas from her that have been helpful for us professionally, both pedagogically and organizationally. Quotes
Avishai Fuss, Former Youth Director
Young Israel Jamaica Estates